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Custom Gun Shop Debuts Barbie AK

Outlaw Ordnance has created a Barbie-themed AK pistol that appeals to children

Maker of Child-Sized AR-15 Rifles Rebrands — For Hiking?

Wee1 Tactical’s founders have created a new company to once again sell scaled-down, .22-caliber AR-15s

YouTube Places New Age Restrictions on Gun Content

If fully enforced, the policies will make it harder for gun makers to market firearms to minors through YouTube

New Lawsuits Shed More Light on Daniel Defense’s AR-15 Marketing

The AR-15 maker allegedly reminded the Uvalde shooter that his rifle was waiting in his “shopping cart” before he turned 18

NRA Taps Head of Gun Publications to Replace Wayne LaPierre

Doug Hamlin has served as the executive director of NRA Publications, a marketing arm of the gun industry, since 2014

Underage Ammo Sales

A new investigation reveals that major online retailers appear to make it far too easy for teens to buy ammunition

“Gundies” Awarded to Toxic Gun Influencers

The awards represent the strong ties between gun makers and troubling influencers

Sig Sauer Ad Urges AR-15 Owners to Take Up Arms

Assault weapon maker Sig Sauer’s latest ad takes gun industry marketing to a new low

A Look Inside the 2024 SHOT Show

Noteworthy attendees and exhibitors at the gun industry’s largest trade show

Nun Shareholders Sue Smith & Wesson for AR-15 Sales

The move comes after the nuns’ repeated attempts to get the company out of the assault weapon business